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Winner of Small Business of the Year 2015





A small-sized business got a big WIN last night: EZFingerPrints is honored to be the winner for the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Small Business of the Year award.


EZFingerPrints was started in 2010 because we were frustrated by all of the confusion that came along with getting an employee hired under state regulations. The result of our countless hours of research was an innovative yet simple system, which soon evolved into the EZFingerPrints concept specializing in background checks and drug testing services.


The award is considered to be very competitive in the Clearwater business community, and EZFingerPrints was one of many highly-qualified businesses to be considered a finalist. In order to participate, businesses “must demonstrate a three-year track record of best practices in business sustainability and growth, commitment to employees and community involvement.” The business-owner must also be a Chamber member.


EZFingerPrints wants to say THANK YOU to all of our customers who helped us reach this milestone!


As always we will continue to put you all (the customer) first for all of your pre-hire background check and drug test needs. Please let us know if there anything we can do to help you!

If you are interested in opening your fingerprint background check business for yourself, but not by yourself. Please contact us today!


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