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8 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us

1. Our product is easier to buy.

Our customers hate futzing around with complicated appointment systems and payment options. We enable our customers to walk in whenever they want with no appointment necessary. We even can come to your location to make things convenient for our customers. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, allow for invoicing, and can even accept Apple Pay.
2. Our background checks are done right enabling faster results.
Our customers, like everyone else, want immediate gratification, especially when it comes to their license or pre-employment background check. As soon as your fingerprints are scanned we immediately send them off to the state for processing. Unlike our competitors who wait till end of business day to process their fingerprint background checks.
3. Our service has built in quality control.
Our customers demand that we have the best equipment and we do! EZFingerPrints has built in systems to reduce human error. Our technology enables us to know when we have a scanned a quality fingerprint and we can immediately correct errors. We are also 100% paperless which makes our systems faster enabling us to fingerprint more people in less time with less errors.
4. Our service has a reputation.
Consumers buy fancy-branded luxury goods because it makes them look and feel wealthy.  Customers use EZFingerPrints because they know they are using the experts in the industry that work their schedule around yours! The customer always comes first. We will stay late, we will come in early, we can do an emergency on-site visits to get someones office in compliance. Just ask our customers they’ll tell you….
5. We stand by our fingerprint services.
It's not all about price... it's about the time and money you spend after you purchase.  For example, you know your fingerprints were processed accurately and sent to the right agency reducing your time having to spend chasing down a employee or being issued your license. Our invoices and receipts show day of screening and TCN numbers for your built in quality.
6. Our customer service is more friendly.
Companies underestimate the anger (and even hatred) that business buyers feel when they experience horrible customer service.  By contrast, EZFingerPrints is a customer service driven business with its’ core business making sure our customer is treated in a professional and yet friendly manner. We offer something more than "strictly" a business relationship.
7. We offer our customers a full pre-hire solution.
Whether you need a fingerprint background check or a 5 panel pre employment drug test. EZFingerPrints has a solution for you. Our customers love how they can simplify their hiring requirements, use one company with one invoice and get their employees hired faster!
8. Our customer is rapidly expanding.
Our customers are growing fast! They know when they're struggling to get their employees compliant and need a company who can be flexible and change on-site days, show up at 8pm to get a board member screened, EZFingerPrints is the company for them. We want our customers to take advantage of all the opportunities EZFingerPrints offers.


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